Investment Style

We provide discretionary portfolio management services where the investment advice provided is custom tailored to meet the needs and investment objectives of the client. Most of our clients are individuals and we manage both regular and retirement investment accounts. Our decisions are based on fundamental security analysis with a long-term perspective. We tend towards investing in mostly common stocks of companies that provide superior products and/or services with good earnings histories and relatively high expected growth rates (growth stocks). Diversification between companies and industries is an important part of our investment philosophy. We have a bias towards technology, financial and retail companies but are not solely limited to investing in these areas.

For research, we rely heavily on on-line services and the Internet. We subscribe to various services that provide detailed information on companies and the market in general. Many of our decisions are based on first hand experience with the products and services of those companies we follow. We rely heavily on the application of common sense as part of our overall criteria for stock selection. We invest in mostly U.S. based companies stocks and bonds, as well as, U.S. Government Securities when appropriate. We do not attempt to time the market and tend to hold stocks in a company for as long as the fundamentals are sound. When appropriate, we will hold stocks to qualify for long-term capital gains to be tax efficient.

Typically, we are following and invested in about 50 different companies. The mix of stocks varies with each account and one of our principles is to have our personal assets invested in the same stocks as our clients.

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