How We Operate and Fees

As an investment advisor firm, we will manage your account(s) for a percentage of the assets under management. We offer both a fee structure based on performance and one that applies a flat percent of assets managed. Due to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, we can only use the performance fee basis for clients having either: over $750,000 under the firm’s management or a Net Worth of over $1,500,000. With both methods, there is an up-front load of 1% - 2%, depending on the size and complexity of the account. Fees are automatically deducted from the client’s account(s) on a quarterly basis.

To use our services, you establish a brokerage account(s) and give DBFM Limited Power of Attorney over your account(s) so that we are then able to trade on your behalf. We ask that our clients give us discretion to trade on their behalf without prior approval and that the accounts we manage hold only those companies and funds we follow. You will receive written confirmation of any trades within 5 days of each transaction. Additionally, you will receive monthly statements for each account. We recommend that you maintain a record of all trades for your year-end tax preparations.


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